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People’s responsibility in the case of Recycling?

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When people think about recycling, they think of items like paper, glass & cans. E-waste which includes Laser Printer Cartridge, inkjet Printer Cartridge, Copier Cartridges etc. along with cell phones, Laptops and Servers have been somewhat overlooked but account for a growing portion of Recyclable material.
E-Waste is having a larger and larger negative impact on our environment. In proper disposal of E-waste harm our environment by damaging air, soil and water and takes up ever increasing space in our landfills. And for the most part it takes less energy to make a product from recycled materials that it does to make it new form scratch!
That is why environmental office society is committed to providing customers with environmentally sound, income – generating, closed-loop recycling solutions with seamless integrated and fully supported recycling solutions for print cartridges and cell phones. This is where Recycling processing comes in. This sound relatively simple but can contribute enormously to preserving the environment for the future and for our future generations.

Four ways to help the environment;

I. Recycling helps the energy: - Instead of creating just ink cartridge that are used up quickly, they also manufacture energy- saving and money – saving replacement kits.

II. Recycling reduces pollution and preserve environmental condition :- By minimizing the energy used in manufacturing the emission of green – house gases is also reduced

III. Recycling preserves natural resources: - When the raw materials used in the manufacture of new good is derived from the coral elements of old products, there is an enormous saving of limited and finite natural resources.

IV. Recycling saves the space that is used for waste disposal

Recycling the used cartridges is an environmental friendly way, in our daily operation. We also try our best to reduce our impact on environment. This is a way to do our contribution to our country.

As a summary, you can help save the earth by recycling and reusing your printer cartridges. You can either reuse it by refilling it with new ink or you can also recycle it by sending it back to the ink manufacturers or cartridge retailers. With these steps, you can save money at the same time and you can also save the earth.