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Why we use printer in home and office?

• Many businesses are now asking their employees to work from home. Initially, sending information such as documents, spreadsheets and presentations was limited to email. Then, he or she could open the file and print it from our computer. Now, Google and many printer manufacturers have paired to make it extremely easy to print our work files. Many wireless printers are now Google Cloud ready, and he or she can use the intuitive touch screen to navigate through the menus and print anything he or she need when he or she work from home.
• All we have to do is buy or design it ourselves and print
• We have run into requests for printed copies of our resumes while on the job hunt and it's nice to be able to run a few off at home before heading to an interview.
• We thank our lucky stars for our little printer on days when it's nasty outside and the last thing we want to do is make a run to Staples to print out a label.
• While we do view our photos primarily digitally, we also like to display some around the house.
• Mostly use printer for though, is to print PDF manuals at work.
• We can print directly from your mobile phone or tablet by connecting wirelessly or via Bluetooth

Types of printers

On the basis of technology used, they are classified in to Two:

1) Impact Printers
2) Nonimpact Printers

Impact Printers uses the typewriter printing mechanism. In this case an INK ribbon, that makes a physical contact with the paper. When the hammer strikes the ribbon it
produces the corresponding outputs. Examples: - Dot Matrix printer and Character Printer


1. It can print letter quality characters.
2. It can print multipart forms.
3. It prints entire line at a time
4. Less expensive.


1. It cannot print graphics.
2. It is noisy because of striking mechanism.
3. Printing quality is not good compared to Ink-jet and Laser printers.
4. Paper jams.

Nonimpact Printers uses Chemical, heat or electrical signals to produce the output. It produces the result without using the hammer mechanism. Examples:- Inkjet,
DeskJet, Laser. Thermal printers are under this category of printers. It cannot Print Composite forms.


1. They are quiet and fast.
2. It produces high quality color outputs
3. Cost per page of toner cartridges is lower than other printers.
4. It can print large data


• Specialized papers are required to produce high quality color outputs.
• Ink cartridges and specialized papers are expensive.
• Plotters
• Initial price of this printer is high.

Other Considerations

If you want to share the printer with more than one computer on your network, you should consider the different networking options. You can connect a printer directly to a computer and then use that computer to share the printer with others.
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